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Color Grading Studio

**All reference monitors are calibrated with Klein K10-A and Lightspace CMS, conform ITU-R BT.2035EBU TECH3320 and ACES (Academy Color Encoding System) guidelines and recommendations.


King of SE15

Official Selection
* Venice Shorts
* Independant Shorts
* Montreal Independant Film Festival
* Prague International Indie Film Festival
* IndieX Film Fest

Music Video

Director: Luka Boerrigter
Producer: Sophie Victorine
Production Manager: Vera Bode
DOP: Ruben van Weelden
Focus Puller: Casper van Oort
Gaffer: Jeroen Zwart
Light: Yannick Giraud
Light: Julian van Ouden
Art Director: Desiree Brands
Art Assistent: Claudio Ritfeld
Styling: Indiana Voss
Make-up / Hair: Marvin Lumoneka
Editor: Moo Flamman
Colorist: Rik Mahieu